New top 5: fruits and vegetables for health

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New top 5: fruits and vegetables for health

Which are the best fruits and vegetables for health? One of the most frequently asked questions that people do when they want to be fit. To keep you in a good shape depends a lot on what you eat. And no real healthy diet excludes fruits and vegetables. 

Nevertheless, you choose those that give you what you need. It is not the same to eat for losing weight than eating to grow muscle. 

That’s the reason why we made a top 5 of the fruits and vegetables for the health that you need. And don’t worry! We’ll help you out to understand what they do to your body. Let’s see!

Do you need healthy fruits and vegetables?

Eating in a healthy way requires balance.  Nutrition is the most relevant aspect of a healthy and fitness lifestyle. Every food that you eat must nourish your body and mind.

Have you ever heard that “the gut is the second brain”? It IS true. Mostly, fruits and vegetables for health are essentials.

What you eat can enhance exercise benefits. Like the way, any protein or food supplement can do it.

Fruits are made of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. They are also low-carbs and with a high percentage of water that makes them perfect for a diet to lose weight. Don’t forget that keeping hydrated brings us tons of benefits!

Otherwise, vegetables are also low-carbs in and fats. They are mostly vitamins and minerals. They are a must if you are into losing weight.

But, do you know which ones should choose? Keep reading. This is our top recommendation for you.



Bananas are essentials for a healthy diet. In the first place, bananas are rich in fiber! So in potassium and magnesium.

Probably, this is one of the most consumed fruits and vegetables for health by the athletes. Do you know the reason? It helps to calm muscle pain after training. 


Orange is a  good option when we’re talking about body detox. Orange is rich in antioxidants with a high percentage of vitamin C. Plus, it helps to keep hydration, something you should not forget!


Eating papaya can benefit you in numerous ways. This fruit is fundamental to fight constipation. At the same time, papaya is a natural diuretic, perfect to detox our bodies!


Some athletes consider pineapple an essential part of their diets. Pineapple contains vitamin C, B1, B6, just like potassium, and folic acid.

Pineapple is good for eating before exercise. Its caloric content increases energy, something you need for doing your exercise routines. Moreover, it is an ideal fruit to balance glucose levels.


They are part of fruits and vegetables for health because of the vitamins and minerals they provide.

Part of the vitamins they contain is vitamin E, B1, and B3. So fiber and lots of healthy fats. They also are a powerful source of vegetal protein. 

Fruits are great idea for breakfast

Healthy vegetables


For those who wish to gain muscle, broccoli is a great help.  Broccoli minerals help to control hormones that inhibit muscle gain. Broccoli even has more calcium than milk and is rich in fiber.


Spinach is fundamental if you wish to lose weight. It is low in carbs, and it’s mostly water. This vegetable can help you to complete your plates, it will help you to feel satisfied without eating in excess.


Not every vegetable is as incredible for health as lettuce. Lettuce is rich in iron and with excellent levels of fiber. Just like spinach, it will make you feel satisfied without excess. Otherwise, lettuce also helps to control sugar in the blood.


Joining foods and substitute carbs? Zucchini is a great option. It is good to detox your body thanks to the pectin (a type of fiber)  it contains. Plus, it is an excellent source of potassium and phosphorus.


Blood circulation or blood flow problems are gone with the help of beetroot. However, this is just one of the benefits because they provide energy for training. However, they are complete when talking about minerals.

What do you think about these top 5 fruits and vegetables for health? If you need any advice for losing weight or gaining muscle, remember you can contact us and visit our store to find everything you need.



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