Health and fitness: diet tips you need to know

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Health and fitness: diet tips you need to know

Every day we see more and more people improving their health and fitness conditions to have a better quality of life; although it is a trend on Social Media, the vast majority adopts it as a part of their routines for a good reason.

However, this is not something that happens overnight; starting with small changes is the best way to find motivation to not give up in the first week.

If this is what you want to do, in this article we will explain some diet tips that will help you to achieve your goal.

1. Get assistance from a nutritionist

When we read the word “diet” we usually associate it with losing weight; however, sometimes the purpose can be different, like developing muscle mass.

In any case, different aspects must be considered before starting, and the best person to help you with that is a doctor or a nutritionist.

Even though you can search for health and fitness plans online, we recommend that you get a revision with a professional so you can see the big picture of your actual condition, your capability, and your goals.

2. Start with small steps

Do not try to overdo it or be “perfect” as soon as you start; small changes are the key. For example, regarding food, you can try to:

  • Decrease the sugar in your morning coffee.
  • Accompany meals with more vegetables than processed carbohydrates.
  • Save the desserts for the most special moments or eat them once a week (this is called a “cheat meal”).
  • Include more fruits during your day.
  • Prefer steamed foods rather than fried.

All these are small actions that in the medium and long term can make the difference inside and out.

On the other hand, in terms of exercise, volume and intensity should be progressive, whether in the gym or outdoors. For example:

  • If you have never exercised, do not start on the first day running 10 or 5 miles. Start by doing one or two at a good pace.
  • Same at the gym! Do not spend a full 2 hours lifting weights or doing cardio. Start with basic and lightweight exercises.

     3. Make a Schedule

The best way to improve your health and fitness condition is to be consistent, and making a schedule can be very helpful.

●      Determine the most convenient days and times; it is always better to do some exercise than to do nothing, even if it is just walking.

●      Spend one day at a week cutting, washing, and portioning foods to save time when having a meal. Make them as healthy as possible but also diverse! Eating the same thing every day can be boring.

4. Eat before or after training?

Ideally, you should eat both times.


It is recommendable to eat carbohydrates, as you will have more energy to last longer. If you don’t, you will surely feel dizzy or weak.

Once you finish your meal, wait between 1 and 4 hours (maximum) before starting your routine. This helps the body to process food properly.


In general, eat something rich in protein in the next 2 hours to help your muscles recover. But also, talk with your nutritionist to decide which meals are better for you and your body.

If you try to lose weight, we recommend you to include one of our fat burners or whey protein to complement your diet. They are available in our online shop here.

Fruits for health and fitness
Include more fruits during your day

5. Water, water, and more water

You do not have to wait until you are thirsty to drink water. It is the best option to keep you hydrated and it will improve lots of other things in your body!

In fact, according to Harvard University: “A general rule of thumb for healthy people is to drink two to three cups of water per hour, or more if you’re sweating heavily”.

6. Enjoy the experience!

The important thing is that you give yourself the necessary time to adapt to the changes, and as you see results in your health and fitness conditions, you will find enough motivation to add new habits.



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