Three healthy foods for weight loss

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spinach in plate in foods for weight loss

Three healthy foods for weight loss

If you want to reduce your size (either for a medical or aesthetic reason), you do not need expensive treatments, there are tons of foods for weight loss that can help you with that.

You can include them in your diet and you will be able to lose weight almost without realizing it, since they remove hunger and do not leave room for other foods that are much more caloric.

In this article, we will show you the 3 best foods to lose weight in a totally healthy way.

Improve your diet whit foods for weight loss

The best thing about these foods for weight loss is that they are not rare or difficult to find; you can add them to your diet in a simple way and you will see results.


Spinach belongs to the group of ‘green leafy vegetables’ with lettuce, chard, cabbage, arugula, and others. These foods have various properties that are perfect for weight loss.

  • The fiber in these types of foods is prebiotic, which means that they support the good bacteria in our intestines.
  • Specifically, spinach has 28 grams of vitamin C that can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure and cortisol.
  • It is a potential source of natural antioxidants.
  • It contains a great level of calcium, which, according to several studies, helps to burn fat.

The good thing about these types of foods for weight loss is that they increase the volume of your meals without increasing the number of calories.

For your convenience, here are some easy recipes in which you can include spinach:

  • Salad. Obviously, we could not leave this option out! Include the leaves in any of your salads and you will save a lot of time.
  • Crepes stuffed with spinach and cheese. You just have to make a sauté with the spinach leaves, fresh cheese, and tomato.
  • Pasta. You can serve them raw when the dish is ready, or include them in the sauce when cooking it.
  • Pizza. A very popular option; you can add the leaves on top when the pizza is 90% ready.

Green tea

It is well known that both tea and coffee are products that accelerate metabolism, and help to burn more calories from our body, but in this case, we will focus on tea.

The ‘Journal of the American College of Nutrition’ published a study carried out by the University of Granada in which they assured that people who regularly drink green tea have a lower body mass than those who do not drink it.

Specifically, green tea has a great purifying and antioxidant power; it also has an important anticancer effect, and helps in the prevention of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

The best thing about tea, among the other foods for weight loss, is that you can include it in your daily routine without changing the preparation of your meals:

  • You can drink it in the morning, when you wake up.
  • Or after lunch, to help with the digestive process.
  • Or even at night; besides, it will surely relax you and make you sleep better.
Nuts is one th best foods for weight loss


Nuts are very good for our health, but in no case we can exceed its consumption. As published by a group of scientists from Harvard University, a handful of nuts a day (28 g / 170 cal) will help you lose abdominal fat effectively, in addition to helping you excrete more calories.

  • They are a great snack that contains balanced amounts of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.
  • But they are also quite high in calories, so watch out!

This food can be your ideal ally for those anxious moments when you want to eat something unhealthy like snacks or sodas. You can even carry some in your bag or purse when you go out.

On the other hand, these foods should be a complement to a balanced diet and exercise. If you are new to this, we recommend you to read: Diet tips you need to know.

Also, do not forget that it is always better to go to a nutritionist to evaluate your condition, and define how you should eat to reach the desired goal.



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